The River Goddess Blues

Posted on Mar 08 , 2013 in What's New

From the book The Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle (2012) page 131
by J.L. Kimmel & David Ceccarelli


Oh, the River,
runs through all kinds of places,
through the broken hearts,
past the lonely sad faces.

Man, the river, she is made of tears,
of joy and pain
carried in the silver clouds
filled with soothing rain.

Listen to her roll
’round rocks and trees
Listen to her voice
sweeter than the breeze

tonight, tonight
Feel her gentle touch.
Tonight, tonight,
We need her so much

Awaken by her side
from your murky sleep
to the comfort
of her watery keep.

This river is like life,
it never ends
but on her heartbeat
the river depends.


Lyrics by J.L. Kimmel
Music composed by Zack Kimmel
Vocals, guitar, piano – Zack Kimmel
Drums – Teddy Powell
Tin whistle, alto saxophone – Rich Reiter


Zack Kimmel

All song copyright reserved by J.L. Kimmel & Zack Kimmel 2013