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il Tirreno / Prato
02 novembre 2012
(Il Tirreno is an Italian newspaper. Below is a translation of the article in English)  



Prato, next week, will fly to New York with 

the Yawning River Rabbit. ___________________________


At the Bank Street Book Store on Broadway and 112th Street, awaits an important event: the presentation of the children’s book, co-written and in English with Janine Layton Kimmel.

“The yawning rabbit river chronicle” or “The Chronicles of the river rabbit yawning” is the title of the book that David Prato Ceccarelli and Janine Layton Kimmel American who lives in Locust, New Jersey (USA) will present the November 10.

The book, which has already been published and is already in major American bookstores by the end of September, with ample evidence of critical and sales both in the U.S. and in Ireland, will be officially presented for the first time by its authors at Bank Street Book Store, Broadway and 112th Street, and in December we will be presenting in Ireland where the story is set.

A debut over the top to the multifaceted Ceccarelli, 40, met on facebook nick with lupus famelicus (for an old nickname), with a degree in sociology, he did talk about him in the last years for extreme feats performed around the ‘Europe grinding hundreds and hundreds of miles on foot or on scooters, alone or in pairs. But it is also an illustrator for a graphic design studio in New York (allanportera.com) is creating illustrations for skateboard companies abroad (Austria) as well as to volunteer in some associations, the network administrator and the dive guide . And sorry if I have defined versatile.

And ‘his second book because in Italy has already published another children’s opera: The irresistible anchovy.

With him in this adventure for four hands is JL Kimmel, 56, writer, illustrator, sculptor, teacher and therapist (which is why you have found good synergy in the work for four hands), which in turn have assets another book: The magic gown (The dress magic).

“I met her in London at the international exhibition of children’s books – says David Ceccarelli, referring to Kimmel – So already collaborated for a U.S. publisher for whom I made the illustrations. I began to send them to her and her publisher liked them. Then we began the collaborations.  “A relationship that evolves slowly to become more solid in order to write the book for four hands.

“As Kimmel wanted to write the short story and I illustrated them for him – he says Ceccarelli – Then I began to write more short stories that she sent me to make drawings, drawing to my fictional characters developed especially in high school. The new plots are liked and so the short story became a story. I was his guest at Locust, she came to see me in Prato. Then the publisher has facilitated in finding a house / studio in Kerry Ireland where he set the book (although it is not formally expressed ) and, in the last three years, we have been three times to complete the fantastic story that will now have its official launch. “

But what is spoken of in the “Chronicles of the river rabbit yawning”?

“It’s a fantastic story divided into three parts – says Ceccarelli – It starts with the epic of a rabbit named Sean, with a trick, challenge a goddess to make a run, and so can divert a river, until it into the woods and she was dying for lack of water and beset by troubling creatures at the edge of the clearing. The second part is set in the seventies, with fantastic creatures, strange and full of magic. The third part where he addresses the issue of racism and prejudices dividing people between those who have an umbrella to fend off rain judged to bring a disease and those who do not have it and that should be used to get sick. The story of course prove that the rain is not to create problems but ‘Mangiacenere’, the one who stole the memories of others … And the division between people with and people without an umbrella, it becomes ridiculous. “

Magical and fascinating stories that drag the guys in fantasy worlds but for now you can read in English only and buying the book on U.S. markets and Irish, or on the internet. But who knows, that by 2013, “The Chronicles of the river rabbit yawning” can be translated into Italian.

The story is by Ceccarelli and Kimmel, illustrations contained therein are of the Prato only now beginning to be more popular abroad than in Italy wanting to confirm the motto nemo propheta home east.