The Rabbit & the River go to Italy!

Posted on Oct 16 , 2012 in What's New


Pictured: Class – V (5) A1, David Ceccarelli (dark t-shirt), Andrea Gesmundo (striped shirt) and Teacher – Tina Massa.

On October 10, 2012, author/illustrator David Ceccarelli and his friend Andrea Gesmundo visited 5th Grade Class A1 at Elementary School C. Guasti in Prato, Italy to talk about the Yawning Rabbit River Chronicles book and tell the story of their other adventures crossing Iceland in August, on a kickskooter.

In the center of the photograph, Andrea is holding the Yawning Rabbit River Chronicle by JLKimmel and David Ceccarelli, which was read to the students from English to Italian by their teacher, Tina Massa, prior to David and Andrea’s visit.